What is bottlenecking my system the most?

I understand that my system is limited by some hardware components, probably the graphics card the most.
I am considering an upgrade on one or two of these components, but I'm not sure which one will result in the most balanced system.
These are my current components:
-Intel i7 860 (Lynnfield)
-Gigabyte P55-USB3 Motherboard
-Nvidia GeForce GT 240
-WD Caviar Green 500GB (I have an external HDD so storage SPACE is not an issue)
-2x2GB Kingston DDR3 RAM
-Huntkey 550W PSU

I was considering upgrading either the...
HDD to the Intel 520 series SSD (keeping HDD for storage)
Graphics card to Nvidia GTX560Ti
...or are there better options? I play games casually and experience slightly more frustration with the horrendously long load times (even after defragmentation) than in-game graphics detail. In other words, I play games like HoN and SC2 where I believe the in-game graphics lag (or mostly lack thereof) is not an issue, but I also sometimes play MMORPG/FPS where in-game graphics seems to be more of an issue. Advice please?
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  1. GPU most definitely.
  2. ^ +1 for gpu.

    If your gunna get an ssd, stay away from intel, you get more bang for your buck for brands like crucial or samsung, even the ocz vertex line
  3. ^GPU, and go for OCZ or even sandisk for the ssd, but by far your system is bottlenecked by your GPU
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