Monitor Shaking during semi-intensive games, fine on others

Hey all, I'm new posting here and I'd first like to say thanks for all the work you do with helping others, I've lost count the amount of time I've google'd a problem and found the answer on Tom's Hardware, keep up the amazing job guys :D.

Ok so I'll get straight down to business, I've had this problem for around two months or so, every time I would get into a game with high/medium graphics the screen would start to shake very slowly and then to a point where It's unplayable, but for League of Legends on highest all settings, I'm fine. I read a few articles about my card struggling to keep up with the constantly changing 'world' so I amused that is why LoL is fine.

Other games, that I play on the lowest settings, StarCraft 2 for example runs fine, 100fps+ and 60fps with vsync on, no worries, but If i turn to medium or High, I get the same FPS which is great but the screen shakes, slowly and then to a point where I can't play it until I turn the settings down to the lowest. I think the problem occurs when the game in question has semi decent graphics and the world if constantly changing, that's something I saw on another post.

Here are my PC specs in brief, and what I've tried already to resolve the problem.

CPU: AMD FX 6100 6 Core @ 3.30GHz
GPU:AMD Radeon HD 6870 (R6870 Twin Frozr II)
Motherboard: M5A78L-M LX
PSU: Corsair TX650 V2
Windows 7 32bit

Here's a complete list of my PC specs, I uploaded to paste-bin to avoid adding more clutter to this wall of text.

Checked for Driver upgrades and updated accordingly
The card is not overheating, I never had the problem until around 1 month ago (had the GPU since January 2012)
I've played BF3 on high settings with no problem at all, it's just recent it has started to happen
I've tried a new DVI cable and monitor

Thanks for your time reading this thread, I really do appreciate it, I'm not normally one to post something like this because I can normally just find the problem on Google but I feel this is a really specific problem. I'm open to provide you guys with any detail you require (CPUZ etc..)

P.S: - There's one more thing, around two weeks ago I updated my CPU drivers, all fine, I went to reboot and the resolution was screwed up every time on boot up and I had to readjust it my self, I roll-backed the driver and all was fine, but now the fan goes extremely loud when booting on first thing in the morning, maybe 500% the normal rate as when idle, which I feel is weird. I know fans work harder during boot but It really is a lot louder than anything I've heard the fans do before.

Thank for again for reading, again!!!
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  1. ok, never heard of that before...
    Are you running the 12.8 AMD drivers for the card?
  2. Hi, thanks for posting. I'm using the 8.961.0.0 driver version.
  3. well you could give the latest one a try... it's driver packaging version is 8.982 (if I'm reading it right, says so in the CCC)
  4. Hi, sorry for the delayed reply,

    I've updated the driver to 8.982, I never thought of going straight to the MSI site :p

    I installed the drivers all fine, but when I boot my resolution becomes really screwed up and I have to re adjust to the original 1920 x 1080. I've yet to try the games and shaking screen but I really don't think it will resolve the issue for I have the resolution problem before when updating the drivers and the screen was still shaking while I were playing Just Cause 2 on lowest settings possible.

    One more thing, A few months ago before all this started happening I was replacing some thermal paste to my CPU (i know, very stupid) and I broke a pin on the CPU, I didn't know this until i tried booting around 20 times, I replaced the CPU with a lower spec one while I was waiting for a replacement to arrive and it were fine, But I'm not sure if the New CPU (which im using now) and motherboard might be contributing to the problem I've got now?

    Thanks a lot for your reply, really much appreciated (If anyone has any theories please let me know!)
  5. camxonk said:

    I never thought of going straight to the MSI site :p

    well you should have gone to amd's site... :lol:
  6. Yeah I did, updated the drivers from there a week or so ago and it made no difference, it also gave me the booting resolution error which i'm getting now. :/
  7. I've just updated my drivers again via MSI site and still have the resolution problem on boot and the screen shaking.

    When I've remote controlled my desktop it fits my resolution fine, so I'm beginning to think there might be a fault with the monitor? I'm going to look into it more tomorrow.

    If anyone could offer any more potential fixes it would be much appreciated!

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