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Hello, I am trying to build a cheap gaming pc. I do not need a copy of windows, but i do need a monitor . I am looking for the best price/performance ratio so some of the parts I picked are not the best brand. Here is what i came up with:

All for 2.348 K lt

So the main questions are: 1. Are the parts good and compitable with each other? Maybe you could put something better for around the same price ? I want your opinions on every component.
2. Is it worth buying a 1080p monitor or maybe a 20 inch monitor with 1600x900 res would do ?

Thank you
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  1. Powercolor is really not reliable in my Opinion, you would be better off with a Sapphire card for example. It is also previous generation. HD7xxx is newer. Depending on the price diffs look at an HD7850 which performs MUCH better or HD7770 even that has been factory OCd that would perform similar to the HD6870 you have chosen.

    Is the price difference between the P version and normal i5 3550 that big? The P version has no integrated graphics and has a slower clock speed than the normal version.

    Samsung DVD drives also are not that reliable, its worth getting an LG that should be barely more expensive.

    Do you really want a refurbished second hand PSU? They usually failed previously and thats why they are refurbished? Consider an Antec NEO ECO 520w PSU instead.

    About the monitor. What is the prices diffs betweem the HD and 1600*900 monitor?
  2. I am aware that the GPU I chosen is old, but from what i looked it still has the best performance for the price. Sadly, there are no other manufacturers on that site to choose from. A 7850 , as you suggested, would only be possible if some savings were made on other parts. And the 7770 price is good, but the benchmarks i saw show that it is not nearly as powerful as 6870. For the processor, why do i need an intergrated graphics chip when i already have a better one in the build? Im aware of the power savings, but low end cards dont really consume that much, right ? Anyway, here are the prices for the processors that have similiar prices:
    i5 3470
    i5 3450
    i5 3550 . I believe squeezing in an unlocked cpu like i5 3570k would be impossible due to its price and a more expensive mobo, right ? And for the PSU, what would you suggest then, out of this list that would be as cheap as possible, yet good? And the prices between HD and 1600*900 monitors are really marginal, about 50 lt.
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