Have to RESET router at least once a day. Why?

I have a Trendnet TEW-652BRP Wireless router.

At least once a day all the PC's lose connection to the internet, not each other, just to the internet... In order for them all to get back on I have to turn the routers power switch off then on.

I tried reseting the router to factory default, thinking maybe I changed a setting in the routers software to be causing this, but it still does it.

The router is only about 3 months old... is there some type of setting that needs to be adjusted? This model is a "Green" version, so i'm not sure if it decided to shut down the internet connection to save power or what.

I also have the exact same model, that is NOT "Green" and it works perfectly fine, never have to reset, it's always up.

I went through the routers software but didnt see anything what would cause this issue.


Thanks all!
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  1. this router seems to have issues in the last 6 month.
    on Newegg about 70% are dissatisfied.

    maybe a bad batch
  2. great. Could this be a firmware issue?
  3. well scratch the Firmware idea... it has the latest, aka initial released firmware. Weak.
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