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Wich one is Beter

ASUS Geforce GT 440 1G DDR5


sapphire hd 6670 1G DDR5

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  1. More or less the same. The GT440 might be a hair faster. I would just BUY the cheapest one. Are you sure you can't afford a 5750?
  2. tnx

    In your opinion, is a huge difference between a sapphire hd 6670 and sapphire hd 6770?
  3. 6670 is a better buy. If your budget allows the 7750 is $90 with rebate at newegg righgt now
  4. Yeah it's a good difference but of coure cost more, it's like 3 tiers up from the 6670. but for about the same money the 7770 is the better buy.
  5. tnx all

    I chose this models:

    sapphire hd 6670 1G DDR5
    sapphire hd 6770 1G DDR5

    It is clear that 6770 is better than 6670

    Now, do you think 7750 is better than 6770?
  6. ?
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    In order from weakest to best;

    6670 < 7750 ~ 5750/6750 < 5770/6770 < 7770 ~ 6850.

    Which one you buy depends on your budget.
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