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Hello, I would like to acquire an extra computer so that I can use it for testing various computer components. I understand that everybody has a different outlook. I am on a limited budget. I am serious about just using this computer for testing. I'd like to be more specific about what I want, so questions about end results are welcome. thanks Philip
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  1. question....

    whats your question??
  2. what you budget? so just a bare bone pc?
  3. Unless you want to only test peripherals such as HDDs, SSDs Optical drives, memory, PSUs etc. you'll need more than one computer or at least more than one MB/CPU combination.
  4. captainblacko said:

    whats your question??

    I understand my request is vague. I guess I would like opinions from different people. I enjoy working with computers. I would like to help other people with their computer problems, and entertain myself in the process.
  5. ok fair enough.

    personally i wouldn't buy a machine for testing purposes as customers machine can range in spec and model and it can be a massive financial overhead. I would start off by buying a range of a cheap universal components. eg GPU's, RAM (DDR2 and DDR3), powersupply and some spare hard drives/SSD's. This is a good starting point as you will be able to swap out the easy stuff to do quick diagnosis.

    eventually you could look into buying some motherboards and CPU's.
  6. You make a good point about the variety that's out there. Judging from what I've already been doing, I'm on a good start. I guess I could say I'm getting back into this. Thanks for your input. I see some helpful info. Philip
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