Good enaugh for BF3?

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  1. ~30-40 fps on ultra, if you want ~60fps buy a 7979 or 680 gtx.
  2. It's difficult to point out the difference between Very High and Ultra, you will not be noticing while gaming
  3. It depends on what your monitor resolution.Also change your ram.Intel doesn't recommend using over 1.5v for RAM, but also says voltage over 1.65 will reduce the life of your processor, and possibly kill it quick, it also will void your cpu warranty.
  4. My screen resolution is 1680x1050. Thx for fast replys :)
  5. It's good enough just change the ram and you'll be golden.
  6. But do I really need more than 4gb RAM?
  7. then its more than yes, the 7870 will more than enough.
    Just change the ram for this one:
  8. No you need 1.5v you picked 1.65v that will void your cpu warranty if you use it.
  9. WaffleBoy said:
    that one is good
  10. I'd rather go with low profile memory...with a micro atx and not knowing the cpu cooler besides its mores cheap performance all are the same.
  11. *it is a bit more cheap, the performance wise it will be all the same*
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