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I bought a new Lenovo T430 with 500GB hard-drive. Now, I want to upgrade it to 1TB HDD. I took clone of recovery partitions; "SYSTEM_DRV" and "Lenovo_Recovery" using Disk2vhd and stored those two vhd files on my other laptop. Now I have formatted the 500GB hard drive and I am about to write the recovery partitions to 1TB hard drive.

Using Vhd2disk once the recovery partitions are stored on new hard drive, what steps should I take to boot into Windows 7 setup?

Please help.
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  1. The issue is resolved.

    Using Vhd2disk on other laptop, I attached new hard drive via USB and restored Lenovo_Recovery.vhd on it. It created three partitions, one with label Lenovo_Recovery (Q drive in my case). After that, using 7zip, I extracted Q:\FactoryRecovery\cddrivebackup.wim in P: drive (which is actually the volume c: on Lenovo machine).

    When I installed hdd in Lenovo and turned it on, it get stuck on windows logo screen. I changed "disk mode" from Compatibility to AHCI (which took me hours to figure out. The solution to this problem is NOT replacing classpnp.sys; at least not in this case). Finally, I got Windows 7 running with new hard drive.

    Hope it helps somebody out there. :)
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