AMD ATI Radeon HD 7770 with dual monitors

Hi guys, this is my first post and i am completely ignorant when it comes to tech so apologies in advance.

So i have just bought this new pc with graphics mentioned. I have 2 monitors which are both vga is there any way to connect these to the graphics so it makes 1 big monitor instead of 2 separate ones?

Thank you

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  1. Yes, the 7770 supports dual monitors. Do you know the resolution of the monitors? A dual setup works best when both monitors run at the same resolution.

    The standard 7770 configuration doesn't have VGA but you can use a DVI to VGA and a HDMI to VGA adapter.
  2. Hi thank you.
    yes the res of the monitors are 1280 x 1024 @60hz

    Is this any good?
  3. Sorry the monitors are identical. But a few years old.
  4. That's not a high resolution by modern standards, but then its also more "square" than the widescreen monitors common today. The height (1024 pixels) actually isn't that much less than full HD monitors (1080 pixels).

    Anyway, as long as both have the same resolution it should work fine in Windows. You'll end up with 2560x1024 split across two screens.
  5. Awesome thanks for the advice.

    Is resolution how good the graphics are? Will i notice that the monitors are not that great?
  6. Resolution is used to refer to the number of pixels on the screen(s). LCD screens are divided into millions of little squares, each of which has a red, green and a blue element (sub-pixels). Each pixel lights up the R, G and B elements at different intensities to generate different colors. SO you can call each pixel a dot of a different color (several million total colors can be made).

    You see two numbers given as the "resolution." The first tells the number of pixels across and the second the number of pixels high (you can also multiply them to get a total number of pixels, which is how cameras tend to be rated. A "megapixel" means 1 million total pixels).

    That's separate from the physical size of the screen, which is measured in inches diagonally from corner to corner. As to quality, there are many other factors which go into that, so I can't say just by knowing the resolution.
  7. Ah ok. They were quite expensive when i got them but as i say that was a few years ago. I'll see how it works out when my pc comes. Thanks alot.
  8. One more thing,

    Will a HDMI to VGA cable straight from the back of my pc to my vga monitor work or do i need converters because i'm picking up conflicting information as to whether its a simple as connecting 1 cable from hdmi to vga.

  9. You'll need a converter. HDMI is a digital signal and VGA is analog, so you need a converter to do the digital-to-analog conversion. There are DVI to two VGA splitters but it's hard to find one that doesn't just show the same image on both outputs.
  10. Will display port to vga not be a better option. Will that work?
  11. That should work too.
  12. Sweet, ok i'll give the display port to vga a whirl since the i only need an adapter worth a few pounds.

    Thanks for al your help and advice.
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