Black Friday considerations for PC ~$700

I'm wanting to grab my brother a PC while considering this week's sales with Black Friday. I can manually put it all together with newegg orders, but I'd prefer a "pre-built" PC if possible (due to not having a lot of time to manually put one together) such as stuff like
or (bump power supply to 500w and downgrade to windows 7)

Can I get any advice on a pre-built PC for around $700 that would be able to handle games such as Battlefield 3, Natural Selection 2, Smite, and such at at least medium settings?
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  1. I think the first one is a great deal.upgrade to i7 processor,and the rest choose yourself.i think 16 GB ram is useful and most importantly get a good graphics card.i am unfamiliar with the types of graphics card,so I cannot give advice on which is better.
  2. Also ,if you are overclocking (and not over clocking too),never use the intel stock heatsink.they have liquid cooling for overclocking,and if you don't want to over clock,choose another aftermarket heatsink.from the cyberpowerpc website "Intel Certified CPU Fan & Heatsink" is referring to the stock heatsink and it really sucks(in your case).never choose that option that is just saving you less than 100$.
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