Radeon HD 4600 Drivers Are Not Free

The downloads are free, but when it comes to the install, that's another story. I have downloaded 4600 drivers from several different sources, but when I try to do the install, they all end up pointing me to some driver install tool that I first need to register for $29.95. Are there any "FREE" drivers around?

Warren Peters
Oroville, CA USA
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  1. No sir, collect the drivers from the amd support page, they are always free and you will not be sent to purchase anything


    You can find the drivers here
  2. My apologies gamer, the AMD site is not the one that sent me to the driver install tools; however, I just d/l'd this one from the AMD Support site:
    12-8_xp32_dd_ccc.exe. The install went fine, but I don't see any results. Went to device manager to update the 4600 drivers, but none were found.

  3. Im curious as to why you are going to the device manager to update the drivers, the install includeds the latest drivers so you have no need to update once you run the driver program
  4. I presume you have the PCI-E version of the HD4600 graphics card ?

    If it is an AGP card, you have to use the hotfix (legacy) drivers.
    As CG_Gamer said, installing the package should install everything for you..
  5. I believe AMD CCC 12.8 drivers do not support legacy hardware, i.e. gfx cards earlier than 5xxx.

    Please see Release Notes http://support.amd.com/us/kbarticles/Pages/AMDCatalystSoftwareSuiteVersion128ReleaseNotes.aspx for suported hardware

    For this reason, you may not be able to install CCC 12.8 on your PC with 4xxx card.
  6. My 4600 is the AGP version. My motherboard is an Asus P4P800-SE. Only reason I go to device manager is because I see the yellow exclamation point next to the ATI Radeon HD 4600.
  7. Just tried installing this one: 12-6-legacy_xp32_dd_ccc_whql.exe
    Got through the install to the screen that said [Finished], but could not [View the Log], and the CCC does not show in the popup when I rt-clk on the desktop.

  8. I still cannot get drivers installed for my video card. In my device manager, it is still showing the VGA compatible Video Controller. Even tried turning off pc, removing card, waiting about a minute, put the card back in, turned on pc, end result... same-o same-o. Can't figure how to get pc to recognize the Radeon card.

  9. Do you have a virus? There's some malware/viruses out there that will try to get you to buy things you shouldn't.
  10. Maybe the dodgy drivers that you previously installed are to blame for the problems you are having now?
  11. No malware or viruses.

  12. Go here and select "All Radeon HD series AGP"


    I think that what you get will be the 12.4 legacy(AGP hotfix) drivers which were the last AGP ones made..
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