AMD Eyefinity Question.

Greetings Community, Ive been lurking for quite a while and usually can answer my questions through other threads. My question this time is regarding an eyefinity setup. I built a setup last december with a 128gb SSD, the i5 2500k at 3.3ghz which I have OC'd to close to near 4ghz. I have 8gb of corsair ram and finally a gtx570. I have gotten a great deal on two extra monitors so I would very much like to try eyefinity. My gtx570 is the monster CUII asus version that takes up 3 slots so this kind of preculdes me from getting another to SLI. I have been thinking about Xfire HD 7850's for an eyefinity setup of three 23.6 inc monitors. I pretty much only play BF3 abd Skyrim but wouldnt mind being able to play crysis or farcry 3 when they arrive if it would cost a ton extra.

Main question: Would Xfire 7850's run BF3 on relatively high settings with an Eyefinity tri monitor setup?
Secondary question: Would any Toms hardware users suggest a different, perhaps single card setup or different xfire or sli cards? I have heard that eyefinity works much better than nvidia 3d surround tech, especially for BF3 which is what i spent most of my time on. Price is, as always, as low as possible but one of the reasons I initially was attracted to the 7850 was this add on newegg. Thank you for your help! I appreciate the communities time and thoughts!
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