ASRock Extreme 4 + i3570k installation issue

Hi all,

Currently putting together a new rig. I have a fresh ASRock Z77 Extreme 4 motherboard already mounted and am installing an Intel i-3570k CPU. The chip is sitting properly on the contact array (no bent pins so far as i can see) and I encounter a good deal of resistance when flipping down the load plate. The load lever will go about half way down from the upright position before I hear crunching somewhere in the board. The amount of resistance, coupled with the sound, when trying to lock my load plate leads me to believe im either doing something wrong or there is a manufacturing defect in the load plate/lever itself. Does anybody have experience with this board, and could you let me know if this is normal? Quite worried about my hardware here...Waiting on advice/opinions before proceeding further.

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  1. There is supposed to be quite a lot of resistance. Crunching though... I have an Asrock Z75 Pro3 and didn't hear anything like that when installing my CPU.
  2. Did a quick google search after the post and found that the high resistance and slight crunching is all but normal. Still, ASRock really sent my heart through the floor when I first heard those sounds. My rig is built and running smoothly with all four cores below 60C with full load.
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