AMD RADEON HD 6670 Compatibility

I can't find any information on my pc, all I know is that it is a ZT product and it was made in 2004 or 2005, it has 4 Gb of RAM, 300W power supply, it has an intel core2 quad and I am not sure what motherboard it has.

I know that it has a PCIE X16, a PCIEX1_1, a PCI 1 and a PCI 2.

Is the AMD RADEON HD 6670 compatible with my pc?
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  1. Download CPU-z from and tell us the motherboard model! However, if you are not mistaken with years, it will not be compatible. BUT, they didn't make core2quad until 2007 and in 2005 standard was 1 GB ram.
  2. Thank you for telling me that.

    I have an ASUS PSN-MX

    Sorry it took so long I had to restart my computer and install updates.
  3. Ok I might just be wrong with the years, now that I think about it I did buy it in 2008 so yeah.
  4. 1 Gb of what?
  5. Looks like it's PCI express 1.0 board, which mean it will not support Radeon HD 6000/7000 series. Your best bet would be to search for GT 640.
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