Efficient Premiere CS6 PC, lowest possible cost

Hi and thanks in advance! I talked with one guy working with Adobe premiere CS6 who gave me general clues for building lowest cost possible PC for as glitchless work as possible with CS6.

I am from Poland and can buy components from ebay.co.uk from european union. Possible best from 1 source where sum-cost of all components will lowest.

Present config I have in mind is:
CPU: i5-3570K 3,4 GHz 6MB cache s. 1155 Box. ~267,36 USD / 209,29 EUR / 869,00,-PLN
MOBO: Asrock Z68 Pro3 Gen3 Intel Z68 LGA1155 (PCIE/VGA/DZW/GLAN/SATA3/USB3/RAID/DDR3) ~106,14 USD/ 83,09 EUR / 345.00,-PLN
COOLER: SilentiumPC Fortis HE1225. ~42,77 USD / 33,48 EUR / 139,00,-PLN
RAM: Kingston HyperX 2x8GB DDR3-1600 Dual Chanel Kit Non-ECC CL10 Red KHX16C10B1RK2/16X. ~85,84 USD / 67,19 EUR / 279,00,- PLN
GPU: MSI GF GTX 560Ti 1024MB DDR5/256b D/H PCI TFII ~239,67 USD / 187,62 EUR / 779,00,-PLN
SSD: Kingston HyperX 3K SSD SATA3 2.5" 90GB SH103S3/90G. ~118,45 USD / 92,72 EUR /385,-PLN
albo SanDisk SSD SATAIII 2,5' 120GB Extreme ~118,45 USD / 92,72 EUR /385,-PLN

Cooling would be: as many as needed: 120mm Enermax UCTB Silence
Would it be enought to just buy CHEAPEST 560ti version i find? Can I use this fan for 560ti without box cooling - that would be more silent?

cost so far:
~865,15 USD / 677,25 EUR / 2818,00,-PLN

Fans would be: Tacens 120mm - utcb or so
PC will be overclocked when warranty expires :)
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  1. It all looks great, I would spring for a GTX 660Ti only because the 560Ti is getting a little outdated.
  2. Yeah, go for the newer tech - it'll run cooler and quieter.

    Don't get a z68 motherboard, because it's for sandy bridge. Get a z77 motherboard.

    I'd get a Hyper 212 EVO or +, as they'll perform as well as coolers, and be cheaper.

    Also, neither of the SSDs are very fast nor reliable - if you can, go with these brands. (In order):

    Samsung 840 PRO / 830
    OCZ Vertex 4
    Intel 520
    OCZ Agility 4
    Crucial m4
    Intel 335
  3. I chose SSD from TomsHardwaew link (subsection budget): http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/ssd-storage-value,review-32431-3.html
    and transfers seemed ok, if yours SSD's are faster / more reliable (considering price) I will take one you recommed

    I try to make this PC as cheap as possible. I do not need very fast rendering times, only GLITCHLESS edition of bigger projects. I have very little knowledge of OC, motherboards, GPU's and RAM. First I wanted to go even with used 470, but 560ti will be better - less old, and cost almost the same. 660ti is more expensive and probably I will take it (instead of 560ti) only if i will find it in nice price compared to 560ti (for adobe CS6 there are seem more or less the same to me).

    If not this mobo, maybe you can recommend one for 3570K - RATHER CHEAP / reliable / and one I could overclock CPU with - with sataIII and usb3.0.
  4. guys, please help, it will take me much time to check online stores for sum-cost of all and if you help the config-part will go faster :) i also would like to buy a big PC case, rather cheap and common, opionally it would be good if it was possible to use WC with it, that have powesupply mounted at the bottom and srewless drive installation. :pt1cable:
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