I am a newbie in Proxy technology. I want to use proxy for a little privacy on the Internet. I have read a few information and have couple question. I understood that there are two methods to attain anonymity in the Internet surfing.
First is to use CGI/proxy script on my own computer or through remote servers such as
The second one is using proxy servers.
So the first question is what is the most effective and secure way to implement anonymity on the Internet?
And the last one is can it be that when a proxy server is used a holder of the server stores and uses my information from requests against me in any ways.
If you don't mind, I have found another question. How to prevent a probable collection of my information by my Internet provider. I suppose it can collect it through its servers which I use to go out to the Internet.
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  1. If you don't want any of your informaton to be out on the internet, don't use the internet. Your data has to pass though several stages before it gets to anywhere, no way around it. If you use some sort of proxy service, it goes though the ISP, then to them, then to the site you connect to. What it does is that the end site does not see any info about your connection, rather just the proxy server info.

    There is no way to gurantee that the proxy provider, or even your ISP is securing your data, not reselling it, etc... You have to trust the company providing the service.
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