Finished: My Dell Dimension 4600 Rebuild project, But now won\'t power up!Pictur

:ouch: subject line says it all, all done, but will not power up , all simple thing checked and rechecked!
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  1. What all did you do to it?
  2. Basic, just replaced the Hard drive, replaced the RAM,added a video card and sound card. that's it.
  3. That's all? (Sarcasm)
  4. Have you thought about the incompatibility of parts? If not make a comprehensive parts list for us to comb over.
  5. Unplug the hard drive, pull the video card and use the onboard audio, pull the sound card, and take all but one RAM stick out. Then try a power up and report back what happens.
  6. ^+1 but if that doesn't work, please give us a parts list.
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