Latest drivers for 7970 ?

Hey guys I just picked up a 7970 and Im wondering about the latest drivers Im not sure if the ones I got are the new ones. I got the 12.8 catalyst version and the driver packaging version says 8.982 am I up to date ?
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  1. 12.8 Catalyst are the latest. Make sure you use a program like Driver Sweeper or Driver Cleaner to remove the previous drivers you had, before installing the card and new driver set.
  2. yup I used atiman to uninstall my previous drivers, I was just wondering because I thought that catalyst was one thing and graphic drivers were another thing but now I see that the 12.8 catalyst already includes the drivers.
  3. Yeh its the whole suite. Which 7970 did you get and how do you like it? Any coil whining?
  4. I got the diamond radeon 7970 and its nice so far I max out every game, GW2, BF3, Torchlight 2, except in torchlight 2 I have 60fps cause of vsync but then randomly drops to 30fps but I read that thats a problem with co op so we'll see.

    Think Im set for now :) and no coil whining I read about that before buying and it got me nervous.
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