No Audio, everything appears to be working and up to date

I just finished building a PC for my girlfriend and I just can not get the Audio up and running.

Relevant specs,

Mobo- MSI 970A-G46
CPU- AMD Phenom x2 550 BE
Case- Raidmax Blackstorm
OS- Windows 7 Ultimate

The only things I bought new for this build is the Mobo and the case, all the rest of the components are old parts of mine, all known to be good.

Everything went together fine, there is no legacy 97' Audio connections from the case or on the Mobo, just HD Audio and the front panel connection is seated properly.

-HD Audio is enabled in the BIOS
-Realtek drivers are up to date. (I have also tried rolling back, uninstalling, reinstalling, w/ no change)
-Neither the backpanel or front panel connections work.
-I have tried with both her set of Bose computer speakers and a headset on both the front and the back audio panels
-Both the front and back panels audio jacks auto-detect correctly when I plug in and remove the speakers
-Windows isn't finding any issues via the built in troubleshooter

At this point I'm out of ideas other then the mobo audio controller being DOA. I would say that it could just be a bad audio port, but if that was the case the front panel on the case should still work.

Any other ideas out there?
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  1. windows 7?

    right click on the speaker in the notification area and select playback devices.

    mess around in here for a bit and see if any of the settings affect the sound you hear. play some musak in the background to ensure sounds are actually being generated

    let us know how you get on
  2. It ended up being the Mobo itself.
    The original PSU I used for the build popped after and hour and may have been responsible for killing the on board audio. Or the Mobo may have just been borked from the start. Either way, after the replacement Mobo went in, the audio worked like a charm.
  3. glad to hear its sorted.
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