Black screen instead of User Select After installing GFX card

So I have a Gateway DX4820-05H I bought a few years back. Since I bought it I got a new tower (CoolMaster), updated the 300W PSU to a 'Alpha 500W PSU' from Azza and updated the video card to a GeForce GT 520. Which worked for what I wanted it to do.

Recently however, I tried replacing the GT 520 with a GeForce GTS250. I foolishly did nothing besides physically replacing them and booting her back up. It said it had found new drivers when I rebooted, I installed them and when it restarted it couldn't make it to the user login page, just a black screen but the monitor still had signal.

I decided to put in my brother's old 550W CoolMaster PSU thinking that would somehow help (I think the GTS250's minimum Watt requirement 500 so maybe an extra 50 would sort it out) but resulted in the same problem.

So I said to hell with this new card but now my old one won't work either. I unistalled all previous drivers and disabled the card in device manager but my computer couldn't find the drivers itself so I went to the website and installed the correct one. After I installed it I had the same problem were when it said it needed to restart it would just stay at a black screen after the windows loading page.

I've tried system restore but apparently I don't have a point to restore from anymore..

I can run my computer in safe mode (what I'm doing now) but to run it normally I have to disable and unistall my video card which falls under the 'Display adapters' tab in device manager.

Not sure how to fix or if I've even given adequate information to even get a suggestion on what to do next.. Any help/advice is greatly appreciated as I feel I've ran out of things to try and my next resort is smashing this thing to bits (or calling geek squad one of the 2)
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  1. going to take it in... maybe I'll end up upgrading the motherboard
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