Can I mount two SSDs on the left side of an obsdian?


About to build a new gaming rig and I will be removing the storage bays completely from the obsidian 650d.

Anybody know if I will be able to mount the two SSDs somewhere else? I was thinking on the left side of the drivers bay (Can't find any darn pictures of the left side of this case lol)

Many thanks!
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  1. You can put them wherever you want as long as the power / sata cords reach and they are secure and not banging around inside ;). (get creative) :)

    SSD's are a lot better about being moved too... Since they don't have the moving components like a rpm drive.
  2. You can find an image of the side of the case here.

    You may wish to out the SSD's in one of the optical drive slots. something cheap like this would work(What google gave me. Another option is a 5.25->3.5 adapter and 3.5 -> 2.5 adapter if you have any of those kicking around).
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