Do I need a new power supply?

I was going to get the GIGABYTE GV-R667D3-1GI Radeon HD 6670 1GB DDR3 graphics card. I currently have a Dell Inspiron 560 desktop computer.

My power supply is stock and is:

Bestec: Model ATX0900D5WB
Input:100-127V-8A, 200-240V-4A 50/60Hz
Output: +12V ---/ 18A, -12V ---/ 0.8A
300W MAX +5V ---/ 22A, +5VSB ---/ 2A
+3.3V ---/ 17A

+5V & +3.3V 160W MAX

I have seen reviews of the graphics card that say you don't need additional power. I was looking for some help to determine if I need to purchase a new power supply, and if so what Watt? and what brand is reliable. I was hoping to only spend around 80$ for the power supply if needed.

Please help me. Thanks in advance for any input.
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  1. So I do need a new power supply? My current one won't be able to handle that graphics card?
  2. I think you should be fine with what you have. You've got 18a.
  3. That is assuming the PSU can output 18A.
  4. So how do I know if it can actually output 18A? I'm pretty "green" when it comes to computers and I just don't want to fry my computer if I need a better power supply.
  5. According to the specs for the PS you put out, it will put out 18 amps, but whether or not it will actually provide that, I don't know how to tell without test equipment. You can be pretty sure the best brands will output what they say they will, as they're tested by sites like Tom's and AnandTech all the time, but I'm unfamiliar with your brand and I suspect it is not top quality, else Dell would not be putting it in their PCs (Dell tends to compete on price).
  6. i personally wouldn't trust a dell power supply as far as i could throw it. even a cheap Seasonic would be a lot better:
  7. Well, some Dell PSU's (ones made by Delta) are actually pretty good.
  8. since you have a 300 watt PSU ATM i am going to suggest these without knowing what cpu you have:

    Antec VP-450 450W $34.99
    CORSAIR Builder Series CX430 $44.99
    $24.99 after $20.00 rebate(s)

    you can even get any graphic card that uses a single 6 pin power connection.

    edit: just did a quick search and saw you computer has either a celeron or pentium dual core so this will work but no 6 pin power connection:
    Antec Basiq BP350 350W $29.99
  9. Alot of Dell power supplies are actually pretty potent. I have a 350W Dell running one of my computers. Has alot of power for what its output is.
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