Router and subnet setting

I am not so good and subnetting and I need help in determine the proper routing configuration.

I recent renovate the house and need to re-configurate the home network.

The first Router (Router A) connect to ISP which provide a dyname IP

Wireless/ wired Router A - - DHCP enabled - Subnet mask ( reserved for Router B) This router will connect to devices in different rooms including one with Router B.

Wireless Router B - (Connect to Router A) with a static IP - DHCP enabled. This router need to connect to multiple devices, NAS, network printer, notebook etc. and it need to talk to devices connect to Router A.

My question is how to set up the subnet and gateway setting for both router so they can talk to each other and access the internet via Router A (and ISP).

Any help appreciated.
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  1. You already decided that router B (Internet address) will have IP address which is fine. You also have to use a different network for router B, e.g., Router B default gateway has to be (router A). Configure router A so that it knows that network is reachable through IP address You can use a 24 bit mask (
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