Building gaming pc Under $1000

Subtotal: $916.92

It has the deals Newegg had today.
If anyone has suggestions please help me.
Black friday and cyber monday swaps for better or cheaper replacements
would also be appreciated.
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  1. Your list is pretty good. I would check for a samsung, Intel, or Corsair ssd this week; you should find a 120-128 gb for around $80. I have also used ocz and patriot ssd's. Even my old sata II is plenty fast. I don't even use a standard sata II hardrive anymore except as a spare. This board isn't bad and comes with free ram:

    Asrock Z77 extreme 3 for $120 plus shipping (newegg link broken). The free ram should appear when you add this board to your cart.
  2. The only thing I would change is the power supply move from the builders CX series to the TX series. Mainly because they are built better the builders series are not seasonic based like the others however if not your power supply is sufficient for what you are doing.
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