Looking for a New Graphics Card ?

Have a Dell XPS 8300, OS w7, 64 bit, i7-2600 3.40, 8 GB, with a ATi Radeon HD5670. This video card is crashing my computer, unable at time to watch small video clip, all attempts to down load latest drivers cause a crash of computer.

Would like a recommendation for a Nvidia card. Have similar computer with a Nvidia Geforce GTS 450. Would this be a good card to use for this computer?
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  1. What do you intend to use the card for gaming or what and what is your current power supply make and model then i will recommend you a card
  2. Dell Power Supply, max 460 Watts, no gaming at all, just working the BOINC projects, SETI@home, Primegrid@home, Rosetta@home and about 25 more and e-mail some times and letters using Microsoft Office 2010. Searcing the qweb sometimes.

    Sometimes these projects do work the video cards (if one wants to do that. Video cards faster than CPU's).

    Will buy as soon as possible. Cost no problem as long as the card can replace the current one. Believe one of my other computers with the same card and computer set-up is also having problems with this ATi card.
  3. o.k. well then i would recommend GeForce GT 640 .
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