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Hey guys, I should start by saying that I've never used crossfire before, But i recently bought a second 7970. I put it in the 2nd PCI-e Slot, plugged in the 6 and 8 pin connector and connected the SLI bridge from card A to card B. Plugged a monitor into the new card, and wala worked like a charm.. I thought. I have my main monitor on the DVI on slot 1. And my secondary monitor on the DVI on the secondary card. However, when i downloaded, installed and ran the 12.8 Catalyst Crossfire X module, The second monitor stopped working.. I thought, weird... I disabled Crossfire X and the second monitor returns... Any ideas? I'm kind hoping it's something I'm just missing, and not a bad card. Any help would be great! thanks.
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  1. When you're in crossfire mode, you can only run monitors off the primary card. Plug the monitor into the other card and it will work great.
  2. When you crossfire gpu's, your 2nd gpus' monitor I/O's are disabled. Connect all your monitors to your primary gpu.
    Good luck.

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    Try connecting both cards to the first video card. You may need to get an HDMI to DVI adapter. You don't need to use the output on the second video card in order to use two monitors. As a matter of fact, using the outputs from both cards actually complicates the operation of Crossfire X as you have seen.
  4. PSH, Thanks guys!! 1 more questions! Once I enable Crossfire X, how do I know for sure that it is running correctly? It doesn't notify me or anything.
  5. Run a bechmark such as 3dMark11. You should see the score increase by about 80%-90%.
  6. Thanks JKatwyopc Seams to be working great! Although, Since i switched the cables the monitor that goes through the HDMI cable has really screwed up color tone now. Any suggestions? Should i just get a Mini DP to DVI adapter? Or is this fixable? The settings on the CCC appear to be no help.. the color is WAY off.
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