Why does my laptop work when hooked up to a router but not when I unplug it from

I just bought a laptop for the first time. Hooked it up last night for wifi. Everything works great when I have my pc connected to my modem, but when I unplug it and try to use it with just the battery power, I can't get the internet up. I can only get the internet when the pc is plugged into the modem. I have my modem and router connected and everything tells me my wireless network is connected. What do I need to do to get my laptop to pull up the internet while using the battery instead of the ac adaptor?
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  1. You need to explain your setup more. Having it on battery or plugged in has nothing to do with when you connect it to the modem or not. And why are you connecting it to the modem and not the router?

    Router connects to the modem, computers connect to the router. If you have a router, no computers should be directly connected to the modem.
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