Xfx dd 7950 or 870 oc msi\saphie

i will soon be in the market for a new gpu in arond 2 weeks and £200 is about the top of my budget so i have mostly been looking at 7870s like msi hawk and saphire ones ,but recently the xfx 7950 double d has been very cheap £220 is a few places (with 2 games i can selll o ebay for around £20 ,so £200 ish after that) but i have read some pretty bad things about the xfx dd 7950 and i am not a big fan of xfx and any other 7950 is about £25-£30 more and i am already stretching my budget so i was wondering what people thought would be the best choice

a)buy a oc 7870

b)buy the xfx dd 7950
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  1. xfx dd 7950 has horrible coil wine that is the only bad things i know of with that card what have you heard or actually experienced
  2. Well here in the U.S. I'm having the same decision. I have to choose between a 7870 HAWK($250) and a 7950(around $300).

    I've decided to go for the HAWK because of the overclocking capabilities and the cooling solution. Also, I can Crossfire them down the road as my PSU is 700w.

    To me, it's not worth the extra $50 to spend on a 7950 because it doesn't have the HAWK version and if I can overclock the 7870 and get the same speeds/performance then why not? I'm only gaming at 1680x1050 anyway, will upgrade to a 1920x1080 resolution down the road but the HAWK will suite me well for quite a while.

    Best of luck to you, I've heard different things about the XFX DD and I wouldn't choose that card over a 7870 HAWK personally.
  3. i have read several people reporting that the tim isnt put on properly and it overheats and dies also the noisr but thats not a problem as i have a xfx 5830 atm and that sounds like a vacume at 60% so i use headphones ..........also i dont understand (if there arnt any issues with it) why xfx are selling the double d for 20 pounds more than even there owwn core edition

    and echondo i also am looking at the hawk but its nearly the same price (only a few pounds diff) in the uk
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