Check On Near Final Build

Hey guys just wanted to hear a final opinion on my build here:

Also just a couple questions,

64gb or 128 gb SSD?

3570k or 3770k?

8gb or 16gb of RAM?

Will vengeance ram fit with my cooler?

Been looking at this mobo as well if it goes on sale:
Which mobo would you recommend?

Finally, if you have any suggestions Id love to hear them :)

Thanks :D
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  1. Get a 128GB ssd - they perform better if they have 30-40% of their space unused, so a 64GB will be a LOT slower than a 128 with 64GB used.

    Get the 3570k if you're gaming - no games use hyperthreading. If you use Photoshop or video editors a LOT, then get the i7.

    You're on an ATX board, so it _should_ be good.

    Both those motherboards are way too expensive. The one you have now is good if it's on sale, but if not go for something cheaper. (The Gigabyte z77x-ud3h is an amazing board for overclocking with, and a fair bit cheaper.)

    If you want, your rig would perform fairly smoothly with a 120Hz monitor - that means you can play at a hundred twenty frames a second, instead of sixty. It's bloody awesome. If you do that route, BenQ makes AMAZING 120Hz monitors.
  2. Thanks for the reply :) Ill probably go with the pro because I want the wifi it comes with. What about 16 gb of RAM is it worth it for the future?
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