Need to replace GeForce 460 sli with what?

hey guys, I need some advise
I got 2 GeForce GTX460 Nvidia on SLI I got dual 24" monitors and want to upgrade to triple 24"s, this cards only support dual so I need to upgrade.
I play Fligth Simulator X and need for speed but I mainly use PhotoShop, I don't want to loose any "graphic power", I would like to replace them with a single card, $350 to $400 minimun of 3gb

my specs

AMD 1100T Phenom II x6 cores Black Edition
Asus Sabertooth 990 FX MotherBoard (supports SLI and CrossFire)
24gb Ram
240 gb ssd OCZ Vertex 3 for Windows only
4 sata drives (2 2tb and 2 3tb)
Win 7 Ultimate 64-Bit
Cooler Master 1000W PSU
Corsair H100 Cooler and plenty of fans (15 in total) any advise would help thanks
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  1. Uh, a 7970?
  2. a 7970 is the only thing really close if you did your homework. The cheapest is around $430
  3. i know next to nothing about amd cpus but wouldnt it bottleneck a 7970
  4. I wouldn't see any need to upgrade. Those cards are still pretty good. I'm actually looking to upgrade to that.
  5. Deemo13 said:
    I wouldn't see any need to upgrade. Those cards are still pretty good. I'm actually looking to upgrade to that.

    they only suport dual monitors, I want triple display, don't get me wrong, on stock settings they work awsome, so far tey can handle everything I trow at them, including 3d rendering, video editing ect.
  6. Thanks guys for your fast response, yes the 7970 was one that I was looking @, also the 7950, so what I see the 7970 would be a better choice over the 7950?,the diffrenc on price is about 50 so is not much of a concern but 7970 would be the most logical answer?
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    They support triple display. Surround view.

    And because they work with DVI, no need to worry about Display Port (DP) problems. You might find you need more power with 3 screens but you are good to go right now with no upgrade.
  8. Yea the 460's should support 3 screen.
  9. hey guys thanks for all your help, I picked up another 24" at compusa and just plug in , couple of clicks and now I got tri-display, thanks a million I just saved $380-$430!!
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  11. Must make you happy.

    I'm not sure 1GB frame buffer and the 460 has enough power for 3 screens. But give your games a try and see if you like it or not. (keep the AA low/off and that should help with the memory issue.) If need be you can always upgrade to the 560TI or 570s or something like that and get a performance bump.
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