Help me choose a MOBO/CPU! Medium Graphics w/ playable frames

Hello, I am starting a new build and I was wondering what the best Mobo/CPU combo would be best for Some modern games such as GW2/Diablo 3. I am not a FPS junkie and don't normally game in 1080P, however I do wish to have enjoyable playable experiences with at minimum MEDIUM graphics settings. I have heard that Intel Processors are faster for single threaded actions(Whatever that means) but is that to say the AMD is terrible? Help please!
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  1. If you only want medium settings, go with an i3-3220. As for a motherboard, the ASRock Extreme 4 can handle your needs. If you want to go with slightly better frames, upgrade $100 to the i5-3570k. Diablo 3 is a more GPU intensive game so you won't see much difference between the 2 processors.
  2. Thanks for the reply and I am really swinging towards that I3-3220 however what makes the Extreme 4 worth the $119 Price tag compared to the MSI Motherboard which is also z77 and only $69
  3. Well i'm not one to trust MSI myself, but if you don't plan on overclocking then I guess that board will work. Otherwise it will fry when you do any kind of overclock, mild or extreme.
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