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Hope you guys can help me on this one. I have an HP desktop computer p6133f running windows 7. The graphics card I have is the Intel(R) G33/G31 Express Chipset Family. I want to run the game "Alice: Madness Returns". The box says I need "NVIDA Geforce 7600 256 MB Pcle or ATI Radeon X1650 256 MB Pcle or greater". It then goes on to say "NVIDA Geforce 8400, 9400, 210 or ATI Radeon HD2400, HD3200, HD4300 and integrated versions of supported chipsets are below minimum system requirements". So, my first question is, does this mean that my graphics card won't play the game? And second, is this why nothing happens when I press "PLAY" on the game? Any help you can give would really be great as this is my daughter's game and she really wants to play it!
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  1. Yes, it means exactly that. You'll have to upgrade your graphics card if you want to play that game. Something like this would work very nicely:

    And yes, I've checked the compatibility :).
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    Based on the 250w power supply (PSU) of the HP PC, the above nVidia GT 640 is basically the best graphics card you can buy without having to upgrade the PSU as well.

    Overall it is a weak graphics card compared to more power hungry graphic cards out there. Whether it will provide enough performance to make Alice: The Madness Returns enjoyable to play is the issue. Games generally can auto detect the graphics card and then set the graphic quality and resolution to the appropriate settings to make the game playable. Manually tweaking those settings can improve or decrease gaming performance depending on what you are doing.

    There is a caveat though. The auto detection is based on a database of graphic cards available around the time the game is released. Therefore, installing a graphics card that came out after the game was released could mean the games will not be able to use graphic and resolution settings appropriate for that graphics card.
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    One could still manually set the settings. It should be able to play that game on medium or even high settings, depending on the resolution of the monitor.
  4. Thank you everyone for your advice. I will get myself a new graphics card and probably a new power supply. She'll just have to wait a bit longer until I can afford both!
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