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Random blue screen of death crash.

To save a lot of typing thats exactly what all the parts are. I get random blue screen of death maybe every couple days or once a week. Its too fast I can't really read what it says but there is a bunch of text on the blue screen. How do I find out what is going wrong?

Also I run guild wars 2 on max settings. It runs great. Many complain of high latency and have to run on low settings but its running good on max. Although maybe 1 or 2 times the screen has flickered and goes black then comes back to the game... although when it does its all choppy. I close game and relog and its working fine.

How do I figure out if there is anything wrong with my hardware?
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  1. I should add that guild wars 2 has a lot of glitches as being newly released. So it MAY not be the computer.
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    BSOD is almost always hardware related, I would rule out Guild Wars 2 being the cause.

    I would check your RAM first. Depending on what configuration you are running and what kind of interleaving your board supports, try and remove half of your RAM. If it still BSOD's, try the other half.
    If that doesn't work, start looking at your remaining hardware.

    Driver conflicts can also cause BSOD's on occasion, look for any obvious driver issues or conflicts in your device manager.
  3. Yeah I tested the RAM with memtest86. 1 came up with 100k errors the other had zero. In device manager there was 2 with an exclamation point. PCI simple communications controller and Universal Serial Bus (USB) Controller. Tried to update and both said they found no updates.

    Edit: updated drivers from Asus website and fixed both driver issues. Thanks I'll post again if I continue to have problems.
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