Where to build my pc (Literally)

Hello, I'm a newcomer to PC bulding, and I am about to build my first rig. I already have all the necessary pieces, but I do not know where to build them. I get quite a lot of shocks at my house (About 5 a day) and I obviously do not want to fry my computer pieces. I thought I could work on a cardboard box on the floor (My table surface is made out of plastic but its legs are made out of steel). Where do you think it would be ok to build it in complete safety? I also have a static bracelet: what should I attach it to? Thank you for taking the time to read this!
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  1. Wood, tile your motherboard box, ect... Anything that's not going to build up static.

    The static bracelet honestly isn't going to help much, but you should clip it to any bare metal in your case.

    Here's what you should do. First, take out your case and your power supply. Mount the power supply, and plug it into the wall. Then every few minutes, touch any bare metal on your power supply or case to discharge static buildup.

    I'd advise assembling your motherboard / ram / cpu and cooler on top of the motherboard box to test if it runs before putting it all into the case.
  2. Is there any feedback to know if I correctly did discharge static? Like a little shock or something?
  3. A shock is exactly what you dont want to feel, that means there is a difference in charge between the case and you. If both are equal no current will move and no shock.

    Any non-conductive material is good to build on. So wood, tile, rubber and cardboard (you should get a massive cardboard box with the case, could tear that up and place it on the table).
  4. Ok, awesome, thanks! One last question: which part of a case would be a bare metal part? (Yeah, yeah, excuse me but I am REALLY new at these things, and I do not know well the geography of a case, I still haven't took it out of the box to avoid anything that could happen to it)
  5. Well, any bit of metal. I usually clip to the metal at the top of the case that holds the side panel, but any piece of metal that you can clip to will be fine.
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