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hey can u suggest me a compatible graphics card for ga-g31m-es2l PSU is of 220 w.......n i have an intel core 2 duo budget is 3000 rs.........n i want atleast 1gb graphics card.................... :whistle:
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  1. a 220watt psu is not gonna get you very far....I wouldnt even put a 7750 in that system...but if you want to be daring you could put this in there and see if it works out

    pretty much the fastest card your system could handle even if it had a 300-350watt psu...I dont really know how much that would cost in your currency so you are gonna have to find a 7750 on the site that you use to buy cards.
  2. drums101 is correct you cant go far with 220W psu. But if you have a very tight budget go for Forsa nvidia gt610 2gb which is available at 3075inr at flipkart.
    Its just a lower-mid range graphics card. So if you just wanna scrap off all games of today just go for it.
    If you just spend 2000 more on a psu you will be future proof.
  3. Everything in that system is going to be holding you back in terms of modern graphics cards...
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