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Overclocked GeForce 6600GT

Hi. I was just wondering two things:

1. When I overclocked my card, I used the MSI Afterburner utility. Will this work on all cards? (Mine is a XFX GeForce 6600gt)

2. Will my overclock eventually damage my card? The core clock is 520 MHz, where the default is 400 MHz, and the memory is at 351 MHz, where the default is 300 MHz.

Thanks in advance for anyone who answers.
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    1: msi afterburner works on all cards no problem
    2: as long as the cooling system can take the extra heat (id suggest the max temps being 75c. anything beyond that for everyday usage is kinda bad)

    id also suggest you get a new video card.the 6600gt is very very old. intergrated graphics can now beat that
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  3. Yeah i agree with TheBigTroll and for a good decent upgrade i recommend you look at or a 7750 depending on your psu
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