Msi gtx 550 ti cyclone ii vs ATI Radeon HD 7770

My current specs are:

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6550 2.33 Ghz
ASUS Geforce 7600 GT

I am currently on short budget and can't upgrade my CPU. But I want to upgrade my Graphics card and RAM. I have shortlisted gfx card model to msi gtx 550 ti cyclone ii & ATI Radeon HD 7770. These belong to the price range of my budget. So can u please tell me which one should I buy between these two. or you can make some other suggestion in the close price ranges. Now will the performance of these gfx cards be bottlenecked by my 4 year old CPU? Coz right now i cant upgrade my CPU. Please also suggest which PSU should i buy too.

The second question is along with my 2 GB DDR2 ram can i setup another 4 GB DDR3 ram? Will DDR2 and DDR3 go together?
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  1. The 7770 is the better card in general:

    You cannot mix ddr2 and ddr3, it will not even fit in your motherboard, you'll just have to get more ddr2...

    Yea I would imagine you will be limited by your CPU in some games.....
  2. 7770 is the better card also your CPU is going to really hurt you in a lot of new games. I highly recommend you upgrade your motherboard and cpu!
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