Installing graphics card on branded desktops

Hey guys, im decided to buy the ASUS GTX 670 DirectCU II but im not sure if my computer specs/computer case allows it.

Here are my specs

Is there anything else i need? I think maybe a new casing? I kinda new into all this computer stuff haha. Thanks in advance
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  1. you are for sure going to need a new Powersupply...the one in the system right now is 300watts would need at least a 550watt PSU for that card....btw thanks for the link to the spec page of the pc makes my life easier....if the power supply is a standard size you could probably get away with just swapping it out with a new one but if not you might need a new case...could you post a pic of the pc without the side panel on? and also measure the dimensions of the psu and also measure the distance from the rear expansion slots to the nearest obstruction to see if you have enough room in the case for the card.
  2. PSU is 13x8x16( base area x h) and in cm. about the length for the card, if the card is as thin as my current one, it seems to have the whole stretch. but if its thicker, the ram stick seems to be blocking it.
  3. looks like the card should fit in there no issues...the card is thicker than the one you have now but its thickness extends in the opposite direction of the RAM so it goes into that empty space where are all the wires are..which those you can move around to make it also appears that your powersupply is of standard size so you should be able to just switch it out with a higher wattage unit.
  4. I know you havent responded but I pulled up some links anyways...if you are in the market for a psu to work with your system here are my suggestions

    both are very good and will serve you well
  5. thks man. greatly appreciated. Im still a little worried about the ram conflict with the graphics carcd as if the GPU is thin enough, it can extend to the wires but if thicker from the bottom half, below the hdmi, i doubt i can place it inside.
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    I know for a fact that it will not interfere with your RAM....the gpu in your system is installed upside every gpu extends in this case it would be extending upwards towards the empty space bc its installed upside down.
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