Win7 "DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL" Blue Screen When Booting


Windows 7 64-bit is my OS.

This error only started this weekend, and I am not sure why. I have used the blue screen reporting tool to capture the information:

012510-23218-01.dmp 1/25/2010 5:50:46 AM DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL 0x000000d1 fffff880`11c00000 00000000`0000000e 00000000`00000000 fffff880`1003d22e nvlddmkm.sys nvlddmkm.sys+18c22e x64 C:\Windows\MiniDump\012510-23218-01.dmp 8 15 7600

And the first time, the error was received:

012410-19468-01.dmp 1/24/2010 12:31:04 PM DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL 0x000000d1 fffff880`11c00000 00000000`0000000e 00000000`00000000 fffff880`1001a6de nvlddmkm.sys nvlddmkm.sys+18a6de x64 C:\Windows\MiniDump\012410-19468-01.dmp 8 15 7600

Both errors were caused by driver "nvlddmkm.sys..."

I have found that booting successfully right after came as a result of me plugging my webcam, headset, and portable HDD -- although I am not sure if that is the exact reason. I just know that when I've gotten the blue screen these last two times, I unplugged them, and rebooted, and Windows7 started normal afterwards (confirmed, twice).

For simpler reading, here's what all those categories are:

Dumpfile: 012510-23218-01.dmp
Crash time: 1/25/2010 5:50:46 AM
Bug Check Code: 0x000000d1
Parameter 1: fffff880`11c00000
Parameter 2: 00000000`0000000e
Parameter 3: 00000000`00000000
Parameter 4: fffff880`1003d22e
Caused by Driver: nvlddmkm.sys
Caused by Address: nvlddmkm.sys+18c22e

C:\Windows\MiniDump\012510-23218-01.dmp 8 15 7600

And to re-state more clearly: I never have problems with my computer at all, at any times during normal operations (games, normal windows activities, etc) -- none. It is only during boot that I've seen this error over the weekend.

And yes, I have updated my Nvidia drivers to the latest.
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  1. nvlddmkm.sys is part of the nVidia vga driver package and this normally happens when there is a miss match of driver versions on a system.

    Uninstall the current driver, use driver cleaner to get rid of any junk left and then install the latest driver from nVidia.
  2. Hello,

    I did as you suggested: booted into Safe Mode and uninstalled the Nvidia Display Driver, ran the Driver Cleaner program which removed all traces of the display driver, and then installed the latest, most current Nvidia driver.

    And for good measure, I also uninstalled Norton 360, ran the Norton removal tool, and then put that back on AFTER I had taken care of the Nvidia driver cleanup (I would also like to add in this segment that I have zero issues with Malware / viruses).

    The same blue screen happened to me several times in a row this afternoon, however, as I tried to turn my computer on upon returning from work. I had to reboot several times, power off several times, finally out of frustration I messed around with unplugging my webcam and portable hdd (hdd was not on), and it booted Windows (windows 7 64bix) correctly.

    The blue screen error message is the same, though. IT still complains about the "nvlddmkm.sys" causing it.

    However, I have ZERO problems doing anything else on the computer... whether that be playing games (Bad Company 2, Star Trek Online, TF2, etc.) or etc.

  3. Greetings

    I am having the exact same problem with a new build. About 6 months old maybe?

    i7 920 @ 2.6ghz
    Asus P6T Mobo
    MSI Nvidia GTX 260 x2 in SLI
    12gb DDR3 1600
    Win 7 64bit

    I'm a 3D artist across an array of programs, and an avid gamer. I built this machine for myself to use for both.
    The system runs perfect when it boots. I have no crashes or isssues of any kind once booted up. This problem started 2 months ago. It was gradual @ first, now it's surprising if it doesn't happen upon restart.

    What i've tried:
    --Clean install
    --Updated and installed all current hardware drivers
    --Updated bios and Chipset drivers
    --Attempted boot with no external devices.
    --Will boot into safe mode every time I get the option to.
    --Used CC cleaner repeatedly
    --Searched and read more forums then i'm willing to admit.
    --Ran startup repair several times and it always works.. to the pain of losing a program or two as i add them.
    --Ran several benchmarks to see if all hardware checks out. It does.
    --No errors in device mgr

    When I first got the BSOD it listed the nvlddmkm.sys file.
    Now: DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS.. blah blah blah
    Now when I get it it just lists the ***STOP : 0.000000D1 <-- Consistently
    I'm at my ropes end :fou: I'm just not sure what's causing it. As I write this i'm trying (again) to uninstall all Nvidia drivers and reinstall the current ones.. and I just noticed came out 3 days before this post.

    Any suggestions are appreciated. Also, does anyone know the core root of this problem? Do i have a defective card? Do i have defective ram? It seems we are not the only ones getting this error. It's very wide spread from what I can tell.. but every single boot? Makes me afraid to turn my machine off.. and that is simply not acceptable.

    Thanks guys
  4. Hey guy's i've had the same problem for about 2 month's now done tried everything, lastnite i came across a possible fix, so far it worked for me, try this goto your motherboards manufacturers website & download the latest "Lan" drivers install them restart. i did this lastnite & have had 10 successful reboots with sli enabled, try this & let me know plz thanks.

    I have an, Asus p7p55 e deluxe & the guy who posted this fix was using an Evga mobo
  5. Sup Branen, I too have come across this fix and so far it is worked for me. However, even though I can boot into windows no problem I am getting BSOD's during program operation. I actually rolled back my current LAN driver and it worked so now i'm going to attempt your method. I'm hoping it was just isolated to Maya. A crash after 35min of work and losing it really sucked. I recieved two crashes about an hour apart.

    Still, I would rather deal with after-boot BSOD's rather then pre-boot. Let's hope the updating works.
  6. Hey Tyonix, Glad to hear it helped you out ! Do you Overclock anything in your rig? I had a few problems with my overclock settings on my CPU making my system crash after 30min runtime, ended up being the PLL,PCH voltage so i lowered them a lil bit & im fine now. Yah that sux losing information because of a crash, hope your updating works ! Ya watch windows automatic update because i had mine turned on to just install updates when ever needed without me saying yes, so it automatically updated my lan driver & i had the problem ever since. So i tried that fix lol & worked. But yah keep me updated lyk to know if you worked the bugs out.
  7. I've found a SOLID fix for this problem.

    1) Delete ALL Nvidia drivers.
    2) RollBack or UPdate your current LAN drivers, especially if you use an ASUS mobo.
    3) Restart
    4) Windows will automatically install some drivers to your system for your current graphics card if you use Win 7
    This is normal
    4a) Run CCleaner <--- See below
    4b) Run Driver Cleaner from Guru3D.. <--- See below
    5) Install the current Nvidia drivers. At the time of this post it is version 197.** released this month.
    6) Restart
    7) If no BSOD after restart, Set SLI settings and test.
    8) After restart test system for BSOD boot up and run screens.

    I highly recommend running a few free programs to help with this:
    Nova Bench -- Free system test. Run it often.

    CCleaner -- Gets rid of your old driver files and reboots for you.. Extremely important for removing Nvidia files.

    Driver Cleaner: Deletes all left over Driver files, specific to Nvida, Creative labs, ATI..

    From what I have found the core reason for the this BSOD is an issue with the REALTEK LAN driver competeing with the Nvidia display drivers fighting for the same territory. Once rolled back or updated i have had 0 issues with BSOD's whether during boot or after boot. I really hope this helps guys. I've researched this problem a ton.

    Try it and get back to me!!

  8. Ive had this issue multiple times however I have re installed my pc and all the drivers and still no luck, do you have any other suggestions?
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