PSU - Corsair GS or TX r2 series? 700w enough or overkill?

Hey guys just thought I'd ask your opinion as I'm close to ordering my PSU.
They are roughly the same price and I would be getting the 700w version.

Corsair GS700/TX750 r2

If you can suggest anything around $120 or lower that would be better than those two psu's please say!

My specs are:

Zalman z11 plus case, 2 LED 120mm fans, 1 120mm fan, 2 80mm fans
Asrock 970 extreme mobo
And phenom ii x4 965 BE
Corsair vengeance 1600mhz 2x4gb
Parts yet to order..
HDD (unsure, possibly 500gb Western digital)
GPU (between gtx 660ti / HD 7870)
300mbps WiFi card
Possibly fan controller bay?
Possibly DVD rw drive, (already have an external USB DVD drive so I don't think I'll need one)

Do you think 700/750w is enough/overkill?
Also, same question again if I was to crossfire in future

Thanks, fort.
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  1. Edit - Edited main post
  2. Rosewill HIVE/Capstone-M
    NZXT Hale82/Hale90

    also great selections

    750W is enough for sli/crossfire 660ti/7870s
  3. no such thing as over kill... better to have and not need then need and not have. besides it will only draw power for what is being used not a contant 700w.
  4. I can't get rosewill Hive in the uk for some reason! Besides, do you know if these are any good as I know at least the tx is made by seasonic. And ok, thanks just wanted someone to clarify that lol
  5. I would avoid the Thermaltake like the plague.

    See if you can't find a seasonic 650W
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    If you are in the UK then list you budget in euros or pounds please.

    This XFX might be about right for you


    That would be an upgrade over the listed Corsair units. It is made by Seasonic.
  7. Yea sorry, just the majority of people are from the US lol. Thanks, that is cheap for what it is too!
  8. OCZ ZS Series uses the same design as the Rosewill HIVE series, unfortunately it is not modular.

    Antec Truepower New TP-750 (£70 @ Scan)
  9. Thank you for your help guys and I have ordered the one proximon has suggested!
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  11. I've also ordered my 7870 iceQ x turbo and a Benq 24" inch hd 1080p monitor. Also sent back the 970 mobo and gone for the 990fx extreme4. What you guys think, solid build?
  12. Sounds great :)

    Be sure that you have a good cooler on that CPU, as you will want/need to overclock.
  13. I don't plan on over clocking. From what I've read, the CPU shouldn't really bottleneck the gpu, if it does.. Not by much?
  14. I think you will be surprised. All those benchmarks are done with pristine OS installations. No one measures performance when in the middle of a RAID in your favorite MMO with AV running a scan in the background and various other programs running simultaneously.

    I've seen a lot of people coming through with Phenom II X4s that find they want to upgrade. For every one, there are ten that are totally happy... so I'm not trying to talk you out of it. I'm just saying that the gains to be had from a moderate OC are VERY LARGE and you might as well have the cooler installed up front so that you don't have to mess with it when you decide you need it.
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