PC Freezes during playing some games!


as the tittle suggests, my pc freezes in the middle of some games.
First let me post my specs, so you have a better image of what I am talking.

Windows XP, Service Pack 3
Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU, E8300 @2.83GHz
4GB of RAM (but Windows XP doesn't recognize bigger RAM than 3GB, so it shows it as 3GB)

Here is also a pic with more content.

Well, my problem is that when I am playing some games (mainly FIFA 13) the PC just freezes and I can't do anything. cannot access the keyboard, mouse or anything. The only thing I can do is to hard restart/shut-down the PC.

Sometimes this happens when also playing PES 2013 but here after waiting for like 1-2 minutes I can actually minimize the game and than close, which doesnt happen to be the case with FIFA 13.
One thing I noticed with the PES2013 freeze is that, it only happens on certain stadiums or in-game times (like for eg. playing in the stadium in day, the game goes well, when I make it "Night" the freeze happens almost always.

The thing is that I also have GTA IV in my computer, which is a far more "heavier" game but i never encountered any problems with it.

Googled about this and couldnt really find something similar to my problem, but I think it might just be the drivers, in which case I have the latest version ones installed.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. might sound dumb, back your FSB speed down 3 MHz
  2. Might sound even more dumb, but how can I do that? Sorry Im not much onto these things.
  3. OK, I tried doing a fresh installation of the drivers, and also tried underclocking CoreClock and MemoryClock but still, no luck. The freeze happens.

    What would you suggest?
    Maybe installing Windows 7 or Vista because I've read at Nvidia's official site that my graphic card supports Directx11 and you can do that only Windows 7. In XP the directx are 9.

    Could that be the problem ?
  4. A geforce 210 is not direct x 11 compatible.
  5. You are right Darkoil. In the Nvidia Geforce website it was written: "Features unsupported by your GeForce 210" and I thought it was "Features supported by your GeForce 210"

    Anyways, I've also tried disabling VSync in the Nvidia control Panel, as some people suggested me, but not luck. The freeze still happens. Must be said that when the PC freezes, I don't get any weird screen issues or so. The screen remains the same. Just like when you pause something.
  6. UPDATE:

    Today while playing the game freezed again. I have the full game now and not the demo. I got a weird screen.

    Here is a pic.

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