Will this card be ok?

HI guys,

I'm wanting to get a budget graphics card for my computer however I only have a 400W PSU. I've been looking at the AMD 7770 which I can pick up for about £90. Will this card will be a little too demanding on power for my PSU? Should I go with the 7750 which I understand uses less power? Or should I buy a better PSU and get a different graphics card? Bare in mind I don't really want to spend more than £120 in total and I'm not a serious gamer.

I am using:
intel core i5 2400 CPU
cheap H67 chipset motherboard
4GB ram ddr 1333mhz

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  1. If the PSU is of decent quality, a 7770 is fine on 400W of power with that system.
  2. It depends on the quality of the 400W.
  3. And in case it wasn't clear, quality depends on brand and model. So tell us that and we'll be able to tell whether it will support the card or not :).
  4. Check your +12v rail, let us know how many amps are on it.
  5. I guess I would need an amp-meter to check my +12V rail, which I don't have one to hand. The PSU is nothing special, it is just the stock one that came with the case so I can't imagine it is a high quality one. Should I just play it safe and get the 7750? Or are there other cards i should consider?
  6. No you don't. You need to read the label on the side of the power supply box. It should have the aperage listed on the side, along with the model and other information.
  7. There is a +12V1 and a +12V2 both at 18 Amps.
  8. Should be plenty to run a 7770 my friend!
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