[new build] will this work?

I will be making my first PC soon and i have chosen a range of parts, could someone please just tell me if this new set up will work, or any recomandations,
the parts i will be buying are

Motherboard- AsRock X79 Extreme3 (2011pin)/MSI X79A-GD45 209
CPU - i7 3820 (2011pin) - 299
HDD- Seagate 1TB - 79
RAM -  G.Skill Trident-X 8GB Kit (4Gx2) DDR3-2400 -79
GPU/VGA- 2G asus 670 (PCI-E express slot) - 445
PSU- Corsair TX-850 - 165
Screen -5ms Philips 226V3LSB 21.5" - 125
Case -thermaltake Chaser MK-I - 158
Ethernet cable - D-Link Blue Flat Cat6 5m - 9
Headset -Thermaltake tte sports Shock SPIN Gaming Headset - 60
DVD drive - SATA asus - 23
mouse + keyboard - g300(mouse) + g105 = 30 + 45=75
Ritmo Deluxe Anti-Static Wrist Strap - 5
CPU cooler - Intel cooler fan - 21

Price for tower 1480

Price for the rest - 277


i don't need an OS as i already got 1, and im buying my parts from msy (australia)

thank you in advance, and sorry if i posted in wrong area/section :D (also if possible i would like to stay around the total price)
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  1. -get a i5 3570k if you are gaming or a 3770k if you are doing work. the 3820 isnt a great chip to start off with
    -id get a z77 extreme4
    -id get regular gskill ripjaws or gskill ares. whatever is cheaper at 2x4gb 1600mhz cl9. trident is useless
    -id get a msi power edition gtx 670. cools better and overclocks better. if a 7970ghz edition is cheaper from msi, gigabyte, xfx or sapphire, get that instead. you only need one
    -id get a hx 850w. modular units help
    -better screens out there such as a pa238q from asus.
    -better cases out there such as the haf xm from coolermaster. look in pc case gear
    -skip sata cable
    -get a proper heatsink such as the hyper 212 evo
    -i find wrist straps useless as touching the side of the case is just as effective
    -get the g500. the g300 is pretty tiny to me
    - get a proper keyboard such as a mechanical. more expensive, but if you are spending this much on a rig, why not go all the way. they also last longer, make you type faster, and just feel more satisfying when you type
  2. thanks for the advice, forgot to add it was for gaming

    i would get the extreme4 but they stop selling it unfortunately and MSY don't sell MSI graphics cards D:,

    also really want to go with the 2011 pin simply because its newer so when i go to upgrade it i don't have to worry about it being outdated

    also could you recommend a good mechanical keyboard(not sure what they are)


  3. just get them at pc case gear. or other australian stores.

    if their is a gigabyte windforce gtx 670, get that over the asus

    well there is no point since upgrading CPUs to a ivy bridge e means using same architecture as a sandy bridge chip = very minimal performance gains unless they come out with a 8 core = you pay tons of money. plus, i7s are not for gaming. i5s are

    mech keyboards are just keyboards with individual switches for each key compared to this huge circuit board found on a membrane. mech keyboards are always built strong and no cheap rubber. they are louder, but they will last a lot longer, feel better to type on, and let you type faster

    good ones come from coolermaster, das, filco, corsair, and a couple others that dont include razer. find the cheapest one
  4. made a few changes, i will probaly go with the gigabyte gtx 670 (it's the windforce one) but if its not in stock ill prob get the asus

    Motherboard- AsRock X79 Extreme3 (2011pin) 209 (gonna stay with the 2011pin, incase I want to do video editing o other intense CPU tasks In future)
    CPU - i7 3820 (2011pin) - 299
    HDD- Seagate 1TB - 79
    RAM -  g.skill 16gb or 8gb 1600mhz - 79 (depends on what they have on stock)
    GPU/VGA- 2G asus 670 (PCI-E express slot) - 449 (will change to gigabyte, depends on what's there)
    PSU- Corsair TX-850 - 165 (850 Wats, should be future proof, I don’t mind using a modular/non modular
    Screen -5ms Philips 226V3LSB 21.5" - 125 (im just kind of choosing a cheap option for screen)
    Case -thermaltake Chaser MK-I - 158
    Ethernet cable - D-Link Blue Flat Cat6 5m - 9 (need a new 1)
    Headset -Thermaltake tte sports Shock SPIN Gaming Headset - 60 (just a random headset within budget)
    DVD drive - SATA asus - 23
    mouse + keyboard - g300(mouse) + g105 = 30 + 45=75 (prob will change to other keyboard and mouse, but going leave this here as a guide for now)
    Ritmo Deluxe Anti-Static Wrist Strap - 5 (dont want to take chances, as this is costing me quite a bit of money)
    CPU cooler -
    Thermaltake Contac 30 CL-P0579 Universal CPU Cooler - 48


    My budget is 1800 so yeah ive gotten dam close to it

    thank you for your help, hope this is a good build :D,

    also as this is my first build, any tips you could provide when im actually building it? would highly appreciate and thanks for all your help
  5. the i7 3770k performs better than the 3820 in editing as well. there is no point getting it. and it is acutally overclockable

    the x79 extreme3 is pretty low end. for x79, id at least get a asus p9x79

    use a cheaper case. the mk-1 is dam expensive. id suggest something like a antec 302 so that you can get a SSD, the thing that every 1000+ dollar build needs

    meh, my build costed more than that and i had no problems with it. i was doing things out of the book as well

    that cpu cooler wont hold. id get a hyper 212 evo at the least and that doesnt do very well with x79 from the heat
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