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looking at building a system possibly an i5/i7 25/2600k and saw a few 1155 motherboards that support dual ethernet i will also be running cables not going wireless with rogers wireless n gateway. i was wondering what exaclty dual ethernet is for and was going to ask if it could be used kinda like dual band wireless having both cables running from my comp to the router having them split for incoming/outgoing traffic? and was also wondering if it would improve gaming latency's im sure an extra $10 for another cable would be worth the cost if dual ethernet work's that way.
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    I don't think it would be useful for items you mentioned, but you could probably set up a linked team with them to end up with a 2gbit link, which would also make the connection redundant in the case that a cable went bad or something like that. Depending on the cards and the software that comes with them you may need a switch that also supported the 803.3ad standard, but most likely it will let you team them without requiring a switch that supports it as most home routers/switches do not unless running custom firmware.

    It would not speed up your internet connection.

    It would not decrease latency

    It would allow for a 2gbit connection to your machine on the internal network if you had other devices streaming from it etc.

    It also useful if you are using the machine itself as a router/firewall etc, but that does not sound like what you have intended for it.
  2. ok thx a lot for that info i wasnt sure what dual ethernet is for was planning on getting a nice nic instead of running onboard anyways looking at intel nic's they seem to have good review's and are reasonably priced so i'll probably get one of those with a cheaper mobo thx again.
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