Best External Antenna for PCI-E Wireless Card?


I have a desktop PC that's some distance from my router and it gets a very poor signal. My desktop has a ASUS PCE-N13 Wireless Adapter with two stock antennas. After doing some research I found there's quite a few 3rd party antennas out there but I'm unsure which would work best with my particular wireless adapter. Would I be better off with a 3rd party external antenna that connects to my wireless adapter's SMA ports via a cable and place it closer to the router or would buying a higher quality antenna for the back of the desktop suffice?

Thanks for any suggestions. :)
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  1. Suggestions? I use these

    They are quite powerful. The price has gone down $10.00 this year. :)

    They are only about 7" high but do an excellent job.
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