Feedback on already bought build: 900Euros

Corsair CMZ16GX3M2A1600C10 16 GB DDR3 CL10 1600 Mhz (8+8)
Intel Ivy Bridge Core i7-3770 / 3.40 GHz 4 cores LGA 1155 8 MB Cache
be quiet! Dark Rock Advanced C1
Gigabyte Z77X-UD5H
be quiet! Pure Power L8 ATX 430W modular certification 80 Plus Bronze SilentWings 120mm
Gigabyte N65TOC-1GI Nvidia Geforce GTX650 Ti 1024Mo 925Mhz PCI-Express 16x
Fractal DEFINE R3

Particularly worried whether the Vengeance RAM and the CPU Cooler will play nice (space) although I'm thinking if there are 3-4 slots I can place'em further away?

Do you see any PARTICULARLY weak points of the build? (I am not a gamer..)
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  1. Useful Info: I am not a gamer, I don't want to overclock, I prefer low sound and stability in the long run. (doing mostly web dev work maybe some Photoshop, maybe some very very light gaming like Starcraft)
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