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I have an integrated Nvidia GeForce graphics chip and I just ordered a PCI e x16 graphics card that will be much much better. I know you have to disable the integrated chip when you install a new card but my question is DO YOU DISABLE IT BEFORE OR AFTER INSTALLING THE NEW x16 AND HOW DO YOU DISABLE IT?
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  1. Normally your motherboard will just default to the PCI-e card once it's installed - you probably won't have to do anything.

    Also, punctuation is a more effective communication tool than CAPSLOCK. Just sayin'.
  2. The capslock was just to emphasize my frustration with not being able to figure out how to disable the int. chip. I looked in the Nvidia Control Panel through the desktop and could not find anything about disabling it. Thanks for the reply though.
  3. Capslock always makes what you say look idiotic and uninformed - it's better to avoid it. ;)

    Anyways, don't worry too much about not being able to disable the IGP if you can't. You often can't outright disable it in the BIOS - more commonly you just select if you want the IGP or PCI-e card to be your primary graphics adapter, and if the motherboard detects a PCI-e card, it will default to it 99.9999999999% of the time.
  4. yeah it should auto detect but if you need to get into bios and your kbord is not initializing on time then type msconfig in the run box and hit enter... this will bring up a menu where you can choose you boot method... to change it back return to the same menu and switch it back

    yeah capslock is a no no around here pal
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