Case fan connections?

Case - Antec P280
PSU - Antec HCG-620
Motherboard - ASUS SABERTOOTH Z77

I'm kinda not sure how the case fans that came with the case connect. Do I have to connect the hub to the psu? First build. Have read manuals still not sure. Have not turned it on yet. Want to make sure everything is right.

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  1. well with case fans they can either come with molex power or 3 pin power header
    with 4 pin white molex you can stack the connectors for fans and tuck them behind the motherboard tray and have a molex power coming fromy our power supply to supply power to all of the fans
    with 3 pin power header fans you connect the fan directly to the motherboard, if you look closely at the mobo you can find fan headers on it, there are two near the cpu socket for your cpu cooler and there are more header spread throughout the motherboard.

    3 pin header fans are better because you can control how fast they spin while the 4 pin molex don't unless you get a fan controller for them
  2. I get that I think, but not sure where the cord is to power these fan on case. Because they are plugged into a hub and has controlers on back of case to control those fans. So I think I need to plug a power cable in in the picture shown here?

    Just showing the image not using liquid cooler.

    At work going crazy, re reading manuals making sure everything is ok. Can't afford for anything bad to happen.
  3. Well it's built and working. So happy. :)
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