No audio with 660 Ti

Just got a new monitor and have been greeted with a giant headache. It's an Asus Vs 23 inch. I've tried HDMI, DVI with the green cable, HDMI with the green cable and nothing, no sound what so ever. Windows is telling me that the sound is fine but I can't hear anything. Any Ideas?
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  1. sound from ............ ummmmm............... the speakers in your monitor ?........ try looking in the monitors control panel for speakers and enable them maybe ?
  2. No button to enable them, It defiantly has speakers though.
  3. Its in the menu somewhere. Make sure its not muted and the volume on the computer and monitor are both up.
  4. Windows 7? Have you right-clicked on the little speaker in the system tray (lower right), selected playback devices and set the HDMI as your default for audio output?
  5. Audio is at 100 :(
  6. Yep I used to run HDMI fine on an old TV
  7. Have you installed the driver for your monitor? Mine appeared automatically in windows update and then when I installed that my monitor appeared in the playback device list with nvidia high definition audio written beneath.
  8. Do Monitors even have drivers?

    Still no audio :(
  9. are you sure there's no sound option in the monitors control panel ?.... and your monitor has several buttons. once you find the speakers/sound you need to hit the other buttons to cycle though the options to get it to work.
  10. Can you give us the exact model? The first two I looked at on Newegg indicate no built-in speakers.
  11. mac981 said:
    Do Monitors even have drivers?

    Still no audio :(

    Well my syncmaster does. It came with it on a cd or dvd but I lost that so I found it through windows update. Just clicking on it in device manager and updating drivers from there does nothing, its still listed as generic pnp monitor but after windows update my syncmaster is listed in connected devices and audio devices.
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