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hey, I currently order comcast and the only coax cable plug is in my living room and i rented the modem/router from comcast. I want to know can i just plug in the modem to the router to get wireless connection or it's a must to connect the modem to router and the router ethernet cable to one computer to get wireless.

Sorry if I have bad explaining. Thanks In Advance!!!
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  1. You would need to connect Modem to Router. For first time set up, you would need to connect one of your computers to router using Ethernet cable. Once setup is complete, you can connect the same computer to internet wirelessly if that computer has a WiFi functionality or WiFi Card.
  2. ya i did that and it worked thanks! btw i'm using comcast hsi and when i connect to wireless i get less then 56kb and when im plug in i get 36mb and i bought a motorola surfboard docsis 3.0 modem/router and it's still the same? anyone know why?
  3. I am glad that worked.
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